Bike Fitting

Man has cycled for over a hundred years. At first, the bicycle was seen only as a practical and cheap means of transport, but over the last few decades, bicycles have also become popular as a means for participating in sports and/or recreational activities.

In addition to all kinds of technical requirements which the modern bicycle must comply with, such as reduced weight, many gears, precise steering etc., the size and geometry are critical. Not only frame size is important: proper adjustment of the handlebars and saddle is also crucial. Proper bicycle size and positioning prevent problems from arising and largely determine the cyclist’s comfort and performance level.

Bicycle professionals and sports coaches work with sophisticated measuring systems such as Retul 3-Dimensional motion capture fitting to realize optimum bicycle adjustment and positioning.

+Basic Fit

$100 + tax

Road or Mountain

45-60 minutes

This fit is ideal for the newly initiated or someone who just wants a quick check up. We’ll look at your cleats, saddle height and fore/aft., handlebar setup and overall positioning. Utilizing a goniometer, laser and other tricks of the trade, you’ll leave Mountain Velo with confidence knowing you’re in a comfortable and efficient position.

+Professional Fit

$200 + tax

Road, Mountain or Triathlon

120 minutes

Getting serious about cycling demands the best in bicycle positioning and fitting. With this fit we’ll utilize the latest in fitting technology. Our Retul fitting system is the same system Lance, Dave Z., Radio Shack, Garmin, Sky, Craig Alexander and many others have put their faith in. We’ll connect LED dots to your body to assess position. Retul allows for adjustments to the degree or millimeter, leaving little to opinion. See for more information about our system.

+Maximum Fit

$399 + tax

Road, Mountain or Triathlon

All the bells and whistles piled into a half day of cycling glory. This fit is all about you. Includes a PT assessment, Retul fit, pedal coaching, bicycle alignment check, field ride, bike tune up and much more…

+Triathlon/Slowtwitch Fit

$200 + tax

120 minutes

Need a Tri bike? We all do…Don’t blow the money until you know which bike fits best. We’ll use the EXIT Fit bike and our Slowtwitch FIST skills to help assess which of the 2-3 bikes you should consider to purchase. It’s all X/Y….